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About Us

Welcome, We are Rungi Beauty!


Rungi Beauty was borne out of the necessity to remove the hustle out of the beauty process. Rungi Beauty has a collection of hairstyles that meets the versatile and unique needs of a trendy woman who would like to explore her full femininity. Whether sophisticated or simple, all our hairstyles are easy to maintain. Ranging from the best quality natural hairstyles, to curly braids, to short hairstyles, we have what it takes to make your vision come alive. We link you up with the best hairstylists to braid, work crochet magic and offer you the best hair advise.

Why Rungi Beauty?

  • Competitive Pricing – All prices quoted are inclusive of great quality hair plus braiding service
  • Convenience – No need to find the hair or stylists. We offer both. No queues or waiting time in the salon – we book your an appointment
  • Quality – Great quality trendy pieces at a great price. Don’t pay per piece
  • Talented Stylists – what you see is what you get. Our stylists can pull off the latest and trendy looks.
  • Personalised hairstyles – we source unique hair specific to your needs. Let us know what you need and we shall supply it.
  • Ambience – get your hair done at some of the best salons in Kampala.
  • Executive service – we handle your bookings with expert stylists and meet all your expressed needs.
  • Pain free – our stylists have mustered pain free plaiting and braiding techniques
  • Hair maintenance advise – we perform strand testing and offer access to experts in hair medicine

Rungi Beauty is a one stop shop for the best hair in Uganda.